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Start Time: 8:30AM
11-12 Hours (Full Day)

For 5 years old and above

In our quest of providing guests with an extraordinary and heavenly experience, we have crafted our signature tour for the past ten years which is commonly described by our clients as, "Like a real paradise". Herewith are the details of the tour for your review. We are hoping that you let us take you to the wonders of the island. 

Tour program (exclusive):

  • Health and Wellness: Malumpati Spring We will walk through the jungle of Malay, along bamboos and on hanging bridges with rivers underneath and of course, take great photos. We will also see the national houses “Bahay Kubo” along the way as well as, local farms. After the trek, we will swim at Malumpati Cold Spring. A unique and special place with very clean spring water that measures 15 meters deep. It is believed that the water of Malumpati Cold Spring contributes to good health and recharges our energy. There are several spots were you can jump and dive to the water if you are up to some excitement as well as, great spots for perfect photos. A great way to refresh ourselves in a hot tropical weather. 

  • The White River
    Our next destination is to one of the cleanest river in the Philippines which we call, the White River. Experience extraordinary beauty of virgin nature. There, we will have a sumptuous lunch, swim and take photos. 

  • Lunch
    Authentic and homemade Filipino cuisine will be served on our table surrounded by the amazing exotic tropical nature. A refreshment before we begin another tour to the great waterfalls.

  • Our Way to the Waterfalls
    Before we see the main event on our next destination, be amazed as we go through beautiful culture of the locals as we get a small immersion with the people, especially the kids. Get to know the endemic plants of the Philippines and watch the Filipino farmers’ best friend, the carrabao. 

  • The Waterfalls
    This three-level-waterfalls will simply amaze you as it flaunts its pristine beauty and magnificent power. It also offers a beautiful lagoon where we can swim, hangout and have a great time.

  • Kayaking on the River (Upon request/Optional)

  • Kawa Bath: The legacy of the Spanish colonialists. 
    After an eventful day, relax your mind and body on a warm bath with tropical botanicals all in one big cauldron set on a medium fire in the middle of the jungle. Now kawa bath is a traditional tub in the province of Aklan and Antique. It is believed to relax tired muscles and joints which is perfect after a long day trekking and swimming sweet reward after conquering the Survivor Tour.

  • Tasting the legendary Philippine rum, whose traditions are more than 150 years old! It can be different, as well as different ways of drinking it. We will teach you to cook it delicious and equally good to taste!

  • Our interesting day ends with the Village of Children and making wishes on the hanging Bridge of Lovers (Bridge of Desires).
    Full of emotion, we return to Boracay around 7-8 pm.

The cost of the tour includes:

  • all program costs (see above), including all taxes and fees;

  • comfortable transportation in both directions;

  • services of a qualified guide;

  • traditional Filipino lunch (home cooking);

  • tasting Philippine rum.​​

lunch included

We recommend to bring a towel, changeable dry clothes, swimsuits and comfortable open shoes such as sandals.

Legendary tour from 2010.
Cost per person:
Group tour $120 reservation till 15 January $100 with guide, minimum 6 pax in group

Individual tour $576, till 5 pax

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Первый Гид на Боракае