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Duration: 10, 15 and 20 minutes.

Available Time: 08: 30-16:30.
Reservation in advance is recommended (minimum 1 day) 

Recommendation: take a camera with you.

Age restrictions: at the discretion of the parents.

Price: 10 minutes ($96 or 4900php), for which you completely fly over the island. In 15 minutes you can additionally enjoy views of the windmills of the island of Panay + Boracay ($149 or 7450php). And, of course, a VIP tour (20 minutes), which includes two islands: Boracay and the neighboring larger Carabao island ($179 or 9200php).

*Please note that these are the official prices of the helicopter company and are indicated per person. If you are offered lower prices on the beach, then something is wrong. Just keep that in mind and be careful.

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